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Christmas is in the air!

Hello my Little Blossoms!

I don’t know if you think of Christmas already… I am!

christmas_coeur(This sign is available at Hystérie Collective, 29 rue Mignet, Aix-en-Provence, France – you can hardly see it on the photo but the yarn has a sparkly effect!)

I’d like to make a maximum of handmade presents and/or buy handmade. I’m not too happy giving money to big corporations. I’d prefer making people happy, REAL people. Everyone wins. You get presents that are made with love and thoughts, and people on the other side gets to pay for dance/swimming lessons for their kids (one example)! You know what I mean? (Your money doesn’t go into a millionaire bank account!)

Isn’t Christmas about Love and Sharing?

Share the love and buy handmade!

I can’t tell you my Christmas projects just yet as they (the people I love) might read this… I can just say I have so much to do! Plus I’m going to France mid-December! Away for my sewing machine for a few weeks! Ouch! I’m happy to see my family and friends for those special holidays and my girls are already so excited about Papa Noël (Santa)! 🙂

Talk to you soon!

Lis Xx

christmas_closeupjoyeux-noel joyeuxnoel

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