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Handmade Christmas #4

Hello my Little Blossoms!

Christmas has a lot to do with smells if you think about it: the smell of burning wood, the smell of gingerbread, the smell of mulled wine, the smell of Christmas trees… So here we go with the smell of cloves and orange!

Clove-Encrusted Oranges/Mandarines

cloves-orange cloves-orange4

We can have fun on the pattern (check out google images).

At first, I wanted my kids to make them themselves. I tried it when they were sleeping and it requires a bit of strength. A teen could do it. Just not a toddler! Haha.

I did it with a mandarine too!



Tie a ribbon around it and tada! (Better to tie the ribbon before the ‘planting’ the cloves)

I hope to hang it in the Christmas tree!

In a plate with pine cones, beautiful leaves, maybe a candle, it will be beautiful!

Happy making!

Lis Xx

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