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Handmade Christmas #7

Hello my Little Blossoms!

I haven’t posted everyday as I had to make time to actually make some Christmas presents!

It takes time and commitment to make your own Christmas presents but I think it’s totally worth it and it has a more sentimental values. Someone put thoughts, care and time to make you something. Isn’t it beautiful? The gift in itself is not as important. But still you want to do your best!

I’ll show you a few things I made.

First for my step-daughters (7yo & 10yo): tote bags with their names (glitter heat transfer paper) + zippered lips (the tutorial is on )!

tote bags

For a little boy who needed a pouch:trousse_velo

I’d like to make him a bag to go with it.

I’ll take photos of the other things I made: 2 little red hiding hoods, pouches, apron and chef’s hat, snoods…

If you don’t know how to sew, you can still “make”:

  • candles
  • cosmetics: bath bombs, soaps…
  • hot chocolate mix in a jar / cookies mix in a jar
  • cakes, biscuits
  • gingerbread house
  • crochet / knitting
  • painting
  • photography

There are so many ideas, tutorials over the internet, especially Pinterest! ;p

I have to get back to it!

Talk to you soon!

Lis Xx

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2 Responses to Handmade Christmas #7

  1. Wendy December 12, 2016 at 9:59 am #

    These look great, I’ll have to look into glitter heat transfer paper. You have wonderful craft ideas. Very inspiring.

    • minibadmin December 16, 2016 at 9:44 am #

      Thanks a lot Wendy! The heat transfer is very nice for customising pouches, bags, even clothes! I got some heat and bond material too so you choose the kind of fabric you want to stick! There are plenty of tutorials of the internet! It’s a nice medium 🙂 Good luck :p

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