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2017 Here we come!

Hello my Little Blossoms,

A word to wish you a happy new year!
HNY 2017

May 2017 be joyful, healthy, kind, mindful and curious!

It is a time to reflect on our lives, have a break and think about what we can do better, who we want to become.

Joy! A cup of hot chocolate, a good sleep in, a diner with friends, a laugh at the movies, cuddling a newborn, playing with a dog, jumping in muddy puddles, contact an old friend, little pleasures of life to enjoy everyday.

I started a bullet journal back in October. I have a page dedicated to Gratitude on which I write about the happy things that happened to me at the end of the day. It is a very nice exercice to keep a positive attitude.

Health! Cook from scratch, make everything yourself, read about the ingredients in the food you buy, learn about the alternative medicines, stay fit, stretch more, meditate, breathe.

I cook a lot already and I love it. But I want to do further in my “homemade mode”, I’d love to make my own cleaning products this year and if I can my own cosmetics! It’s not that complicated most recipes have about 4 ingredients. You just need to test and find the right one for you. Yoga is already part of my routine. I want to read more about essential oils and use them – for now I’m only using tea tree oil and lavender oil.

Kind! Give more, things, time, energy, attentions to others but to you too!

You can’t give what you don’t have! So giving yes! Nurture yes!

Mindful! More understanding in the world is always welcome! Being conscious of each others’ limitations and gifts and work with it! Meditate and breathe!

Daily mental work out! Haha! I want to be more mindful with Nature. Spend more time in the woods with the kids, continue my everyday ‘zero waste’ battle…

Curious! Learn, read, watch documentaries, get random books from the library, do courses, find a mentor, get inspired!

Last year we found a ‘mentor’ Derek Rydall, through podcasts ‘the law of emergence’. A few quotes to describe his view from his website: “find your passion, live your purpose, make an impact”. This guy is very smart and very helpful. I highly recommend you listen to him – at least once, you will be hooked! 🙂 

Anyway, friends, I wish you the best! Act like the person you want to be! Take actions!

Love you all!

Lis Xx

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