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lisWho is behind Miniblossoms?

I’m Lis. I’m French and recently I became Australian too!

I live in the UK with my (Australian) husband and our two daughters. I take care of our babies full time. Miniblossoms squeezes into their routine! I plan and sew when they play well/ nap/ eat/ sleep!

Since I watched ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix, I am convinced we need to change the way we consume especially clothes! Fast Fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world after oil. Plus it supports a modern slave system. I can’t look at ‘Fast Fashion’ shops without shaking my head anymore. My husband says ‘I am a Vegan of Fashion’. (I guess it means I’m very conscious ;p)

I also read a lot about nutrition and health. In our house we follow a Paleo / gluten free / sugar free diet. It means I cook and bake a lot and I love it! I get most of my recipes from Pinterest (you can follow me there), the rest are from library books!

I have so many interests I’m going to stop the list right here! If you are curious, follow me on social media!

What is Miniblossoms?

Miniblossoms was born in Melbourne in 2014. Sewing became a passion very quickly after my husband bought me a sewing machine back in 2011. It was obvious to me this what I wanted to do: create unique outfits for children from 0-5yo. Birthday dresses, Christmas outfits, summer bloomers, christening gowns, vintage bonnets, I offer to make something special with love and attention for everyday wear or special occasions.

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You can also contact me via the contact page or at lis(at) I’m open to offers of collaboration and projects. Don’t hesitate!

Thanks for reading me! Lis Xx