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Matching dresses at the beach

Back in Australia

Hello lovely people! We are officially back in Australia after almost 2 years in Europe! I appreciate Australia and its warm weather even more now I lived in France/UK with my family. Everything is a lot easier in Australia I can tell you! But I’m not here to tell you the pros and cons (or […]

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Tutorial Fabric Crown

Hello my Little Blossoms, Soon it’s the French tradition of the King’s Cake for the Epiphany. We share an almond cake, in which is hidden a little ceramic character called la fève (originally a bean). The youngest of the guests gets under the table and has to nominate which piece of cake goes to who (so […]

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HNY 2017

2017 Here we come!

Hello my Little Blossoms, A word to wish you a happy new year! May 2017 be joyful, healthy, kind, mindful and curious! It is a time to reflect on our lives, have a break and think about what we can do better, who we want to become. Joy! A cup of hot chocolate, a good sleep […]

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Christmas Dress

Merry Christmas!

Hello darlings! I hope you all had a wonderful time this Christmas! We went to France spend time with my family. It was lovely! 🙂 The girls were wearing Liberty dresses I made them. Charlotte’s dress is very ‘Christmassy’. I had forgotten a little red bolero to cover her arms… That was my plan but […]

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tote bags

Handmade Christmas #7

Hello my Little Blossoms! I haven’t posted everyday as I had to make time to actually make some Christmas presents! It takes time and commitment to make your own Christmas presents but I think it’s totally worth it and it has a more sentimental values. Someone put thoughts, care and time to make you something. Isn’t […]

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Handmade Christmas #6

Hello my Little Blossoms! Today is the day for some Xmas paper craft! It’s easy to make and only requires some cardboard paper or just paper! Paper Angels I couldn’t find any printable drawing of it so I made my own. You can download the big angel: or the little angel: Cut it own. Trace […]

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Handmade Christmas #5

Hello my Little Blossoms! It’s soon time to decorate the tree! How exciting? (I’m excited!) The compulsory step is normally salt dough ornament making. I don’t like the texture and the dry hands so much. I wanted to try something different… Clay Ornaments I got the recipe from the Imagination tree blog. We use 1cup […]

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Handmade Christmas #4

Hello my Little Blossoms! Christmas has a lot to do with smells if you think about it: the smell of burning wood, the smell of gingerbread, the smell of mulled wine, the smell of Christmas trees… So here we go with the smell of cloves and orange! Clove-Encrusted Oranges/Mandarines We can have fun on the […]

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